Designer’s Story

I am Olalere Fagbulu, a Nigerian-born British jeweller with a deep passion for commemorative pieces and cherished heirlooms. My journey as a jeweller has been a blend of self-taught exploration and formal education at prestigious institutions such as the British Academy of Jewellery, and Citylit. I have dedicated my career to helping my clients mark life's defining moment in their lives using only the finest materials, including platinum, gold, sterling silver and precious stones.

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Going back to the 90s...

My initial creative pursuits were rooted in urban streetwear design, yet the allure of jewellery making held a mysterious fascination. The true significance of this calling, however, wasn't unveiled until a tragic incident in 2002. A close friend of mine, after spending a memorable evening with friends, was riding a bus back to the university when he was fatally struck by an accidental discharge of a police firearm. The class ring he wore with unwavering devotion became an emblem of his memory.

At the funeral, my friend's younger brother gently removed the ring and placed it on his own finger, telling me, "This ring will serve as a testament to our brotherly bond and a reminder of the good times." To this day, the ring is worn with reverence, its profound meaning transcending its material value as a tangible symbol of love and connection.

This poignant moment marked a turning point in my life and career, igniting a fervent commitment to preserve treasured memories and celebrate achievements through the creation of jewellery steeped in emotional significance. It was then that I found my true purpose – to craft timeless pieces that could be passed down through generations, connecting loved ones with the stories they hold dear.

My experiences have guided my journey as a jeweller. I am honoured to play a role in the lives of my clients by helping them create pieces that showcase their personal style and celebrate significant milestones in their lives. I am excited to continue creating custom jewellery that reflects my clients' unique stories and their important memories.